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HelpSelf Wishes You a Happy New Year

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Wishing all of the families that we served this year and happy and blessed new year.

Wow! This year was amazing!

"What a blessing it was to work with the youth of Trenton this year to support their educational and personal growth needs." - Natasha Boyd, Vice President

In 2019, HelpSelf supported over 125 youth in Trenton.

Increasing Our Impact

As we reflect back on 2019, we are awe struck by our community's generosity, the kindness of the families we serve, and the sheer joy of the youth we engage with. This year was full of blessings with the expansion of our summer camp, growth of our back to school program, and the addition of staff to support our growing after-school program.

Looking forward we know that 2020 will bring blessings and abundance for HelpSelf and the families we serve. Keep an eye out for news about the expansion of our program offerings.

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